We know most people’s only choice for mountain spring water is to obtain it in plastic bottles. But, now you have a choice to eliminate plastic bottles, landfill waste, and create such water in your own home.

How can you create natural, mountain spring water in your home?  Combine the power of our gravity-fed water filtration system with Adya’s mineral solutions to balance your water as only nature can.

We offer a gravity-fed water filtration system that uses the following natural technologies:

  • Ceramic filter: with a typical .2 micron size sieve, our ceramic filters are highly effective at removing many types of particles that lurk in our water. For example, bacteria’s size is between 0.5 and 1.0 microns. Ceramic filters last about 1 -2 years depending on water quality and number of gallons filtered.
  • Natural, 4-layer earth filter:  your water will filter through 4-layers of earth which include activated carbon and zeolites. Throughout nature, these materials are used to purify earth’s water. Earth filters last about 300 gallons.
  • Adya ionic mineral solutions: our mineral solutions combine with water to eliminate or reduce such substances as chlorine or fluoride. Our minerals also ensure that bad bacteria cannot thrive. Adya ionic minerals are a great catalyst for and supplier of oxygen due to its minerals’ ability to draw, and hold oxygen in water.

The Adya Mountain Spring Water Filtration System is a gravity-fed, free-standing unit that does not require any electricity.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to cure, diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.


Adya Mountain Spring Water Filtration System includes one 32 oz bottle of Adya clarity

Discount $175
  • Ceramic Filter w/approx. .2 micron filtering capability
  • Natural, 4-Layer Earth Filter
  • 16 ounces Adya Awaken (retail value $80)
  • Top Chamber, Bottom Chamber Reservoirs
Replacement Filters
  • Natural, 4 Layer Earth Filter (filters approx. 300 gallons)
Discount $40
  • Ceramic Filter (1-2 years depending on water quality)
Discount $40

Directions: The Adya Mountain Spring Water Filtration System has two water chambers.

The upper chamber has a 5 liter capacity (approximately 1-1/2 gallons) and the lower chamber has a 10 liter capacity (approximately 3 gallons.)

Fill the upper chamber with water and add a minimum of 1 teaspoon of Adya ionic minerals. The water will drip through the ceramic filter of the upper chamber, down through the natural, 4-layer earth filter, into the water reservoir.

Enjoy the great taste of Adya water!

6 Responses to ADYA® WATER UNIT

  1. sarah says:

    When using this filter, I’m assuming that there will be residue at bottom as when you use the Adya to clean water in any container. Where does this residue go and how often do you have to clean the unit?

    • janetess says:

      Thanks Sarah for your question. There is NO residue at the bottom of the filtration system because it has been trapped above with the ceramic filter. Once the water reaches the bottom of the filtration system, it is as clean as the best river water on the planet! Traps above and clean on bottom. Jane

  2. terijo brewton says:

    is this just to filter the sediment out that adya leaves behind? more of an esthetic thing?

    • janetess says:

      In conjunction with the Adya Clarity, it filters out heavy metals, chlorine, arsenic, mercury, alum and also converts sodium fluoride to calcium fluoride. I have a big sale on the Unit alone which is $145 and also $197 including a 16 oz of Adya Clarity. Also I now have a sale for one 32 oz bottle of Adya Clarity including 1 free 2 oz bottle for just $88. If you get two bottles the price drops to $170 for both bottles plus 2 free 2oz bottles of
      Adya Clarity. My phone number is: 650-280-0219 if you would like further info. Also email at:

  3. janetess says:

    Never heard of anything like this. Just ordered 7 units today for 7 different parties. Some have the unit already but are getting them for friends or second house. I cannot comment on using just the charcoal filter. Perhaps you did not put it together correctly. Sorry.

  4. janetess says:

    It is 12 inches in diameter and about 24 inches tall. Thank you for asking. I sell it for
    $155 or $197 with a bottle of Clarity (16 ounces). Jane

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